Waltz for Betz

for any solo instrument with string orchestra

  • any solo instrument with string orchestra (small or large)
  • NOTE: There are two versions of the string accompaniment, in two different keys, to accommodate the tessitura of the given solo instrument.
c. 5'30
Commissioned by
  • The Bay-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Jed Gaylin, Music Director
Year of composition
Program note

Waltz for Betz is, as one might assume, a waltz dedicated to someone named Betz.  Originally composed for piano solo in 1999 as a musical Valentine's Day card to fine-art photographer Elizabeth Siegfried, it is a gentle, passionate ballad -- Satie by way of Mancini.  

Waltz for Betz exists in versions featuring each of the principal woodwind, brass, and string instruments playing the solo line.  Depending on the version, Waltz for Betz is scored in one of two keys (a fifth apart) to accommodate the tessitura of a given solo instrument,

Each version of Waltz for Betz is available with four different accompaniments: piano; string quartet; string quintet; and string orchestra. 

The recital and chamber versions of Waltz for Betz are available for purchase exclusively through Potenza Music.  

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