Songs Without Words No. 6

  • Tuba quartet of 2 euphs + 2 tubas; 3 euphs + 1 tuba; or 4 tubas
c 5'30"
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  • Eufonix Quartet and, I hope, you.
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Program note

Homage is the 6th installment in my "Songs Without Words" project in collaboration with Potenza Music Publishing.  Scored for tuba-euph quartet (2 euphs + 2 tubas, 3 euphs + 1 tuba, or 4 tubas), the music of Homage is 5'30" in duration, slow and respectful as it unfolds in overlapping waves of gently changing harmonies. Inspiring a quiet sense of commemoration and thanks, It is especially well-suited for presentation in worship services.

Time-sensitive Information - 

If you or your studio are interested in being named in the published score as an official Commissioner of this recently-completed work, simply visit the order page on the Potenza Music website by Monday, May 25, to pre-purchase the score and parts at the retail price of $24.95.  After that date, you can still purchase the music—but you won't have your name emblazoned in the published score for all eternity.  

Think about it.