The Old-School Website of Composer James Grant, soon to be modernized (the website, not the composer, who's fine as he is).

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A selection of recordings from various studio recordings. All music is published and available at Potenza Music Publishers.


Seven years ago — that's 2017 according to my recently refurbished abacus — I put down the quill (keeping it sharp and nearby) and donned an apron to return to my parallel profession, baking. I'm in the process of completing a wonderful baking gig at Dwight Market (Dwight, ON, Canada) and am about to take on the position of Director of the new Organic Sourdough Bread Bakery at Muskoka North Good Food Co-op in Huntsville.
This is by way of explaining (wriggling out of) why the content on this site has been stagnant for so long. Truth is, I'm still actively composing and receiving frequent performances; but I don't have the extra gas to keep up with my website, much less the Social Media Thing.
I'm planning to put together a newly-designed and streamlined dual website this fall that will host content on both my creative professions//passions: music (via JamesGrantMusic) and baking (via TheOxtongueBaker).
Meanwhile, you've arrived at what I've got for now: my old, somewhat out-of-date website. 

4 Reasons Why This Website Exists


When you click Let's Connect on the menu above, you'll go to a page where you can leave your name and email address in the body of an email pre-addressed to me, along with as much or as little musical info as you like—your info will go into my private (and I do mean private) database of musical friends and colleagues, allowing me to connect with you whenever I'm involved in a project aligned with your interests. If we can connect, we can collaborate; and I’m interested in developing a lasting creative partnership with you!


Have you performed my music in the last year? Whether it was a 3-minute recital piece or a 40-minute concerto, on the Upload A Concert Program page, there's a link to an email pre-addressed to me, to which you can simpy attach a JPEG, PDF or Word file of your recital or concert program(s). That's it—no forms to fill out, no envelopes and stamps.  It’s simple, easy, quick—and your 15 seconds with a few routine mouse-clicks will make a crucial contribution to my income as a full-time, self-employed composer after I send your program into ASCAP, all at no cost to you. (And, I will write you a thank-you note.)


I keep a small studio of private composition students—you can read more about it on the Teaching | Residency link and leave me a note if you’re interested in hearing more. If you are teaching in college or university, drop in to read about my residency activities—I’d be happy to brainstorm with you on how a custom-designed and comprehensive zoom residency with me would both serve your school's music program and be a lot of fun for us and your students.


Information on nearly all of my music is found here, and most of it is available for purchase online through Potenza Music Publishing, my publisher and distributor.  There’s an easy search/browse engine at the Compositions link above, where you can focus your search by instrument, ensemble, or voice —and level of difficulty.

Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you’ll start your exploration of right now, by clicking on Let’s Connect—I look forward to being in touch with you soon!